12 November 2013

Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics:

Just compare Obama's highly-fictionalized beautification of the disastrous New Deal (this time on steroids) with the real-world 
Reagan Recovery of the 1980s, which brought us back from 11% unemployment plus double-digit inflation and interest rates...
Ronald Reagan accomplished this with an adherence to Milton Friedman's Chicago-School philosophy- spending and tax cuts, in addition to deregulation and incentives for small businesses and entrepreneurs- all aided by Dutch's principled leadership, sunny optimism, and complete faith in the American free-market-enterprise system.
Of course, this is all 180 degrees from what Obama foisted on us with the porkulus bill- small wonder then that their minions attempt to slander the legacy of Ronald Reagan... who in actuality gave us eight of the best years this country's ever seen. 

Reagan created over 20M jobsgrowing the country’s real GDP by almost 30% in the process. Those kind of results make one wonder why Obama’s multi-trillion-dollar spending would impress anybody... where's the freaking jobs?

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