31 December 2013

Just LOOK at All the Scum in Bed with Karl Rove...

For any with lingering doubts as to the righteousness of Karl Rove's intentions as he declares out-and-out war on the TEA Party, just have a look at the sorts he's associating himself with...

Rove's dark-money SuperPACs like American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS were always funded  by billionaires with crony capitalism, cheap money, and an open-borders bottomless labor supply at the top of their agenda. These are mostly people of little constitutional sensibility, not particularly patriotic (in actions), and nor are they interested in true fiscal reform. 
The anti-TEA Party RINO establishment they support generously has dubbed itself 'the governing wing' of the GOP for this coming battle... as opposed to butthole obstructionists like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, I suppose.

Seems the US Chamber of Commerce has pretty much the same agenda, since they've pledged $50M to fight the TEA Party right alongside soldier-boy Karl Rove. A list of key Chamber members will be posted here soon after the new year so we all know just who to boycott.

Now that he's out to suppress the voices of TEA Party patriots -some of the only productive and responsible beings left in this damned country- Karl Rove has allied himself with increasingly dubious, not-conservative-at-all forces... while deploying serreptitious front-groups (with conservative-sounding names) to be used in squelching any actual conservative's congressional campaign who dare challenge. Rove/Boehner-approved RINO lackeys. 

The RNC-corporate, Rovite, Vichy Republicans -who love to do misbegotten 'deals' with Dear Leader- are particularly focused on controlling the Senate for 2014, and not just for the party but for the RINO faction. You can read that as 'Stop Ted Cruz'.... Rove has already 'sent dirt' on the junior Texas senator to Chris Wallace at Fox.

Rove has also created PACs that appear TEA Party-esque, yet hide their true backers and are designed to fight constitutional conservatism instead- he now intends to crank up the effort. And why not? Although his record is deteriorating with each passing GOP defeat, he's been getting rich off this racket for years!

And Lo-and-behold look who's funding Rove's new TEA Party-hatin' SuperPAC 'Defending Main Street'- it's the freaking labor unions... these are the far-left allies of the guy who's the guiding light of the Establishment Gee Oh Pee heading into hyper-vital 2014? Who purports to be waging a just war on the Republican Party's own base?

Even the IRS scandal occured under the watch of a Bush nominee- some saw the fingerprints of Rove on the targeting of TEA Party groups. 

And when he looks to be doing the right thing, Karl Rove is usually up-to-no-good still: once his secret support for Grover Norquist's 'Americans for Tax Reform' -$26M in 2012 alone- was outed, it seemed he was on the side of good until you started scratching your head about previous cheap-shot Norquist attacks on Ted Cruz and the TEA Party (they're 'freaking retarded!') that had seemed to have come out of the clear blue sky...

With Rove, it's like the Russians- they don't care who you are or what you stand for, just as long as you're an enemy of the United States. And so it is for Rove and the TEA Party... any enemy of constitutional, Reaganite conservatism is a true friend of his (and his oily ilk).