13 December 2013

Krauthammer on ObamaCare Enrollment Claims from the WH: 'About as Trustworthy as Soviet Numbers on the Production of Steel'

As of yesterday, the Obama regime was boasting O-care enrollments of 365,000, supposedly something to toot your horn about in a country of 315M. 
But I guess that is an improvement over the six victims the state death machine snared on the first day...

This is what passes for success these days in our dumbed-down land of lowered expectations- but Krauthammer -for one- ain't goin for it: some apt quotes from his interview with Greta last night:

"They've dribbled out all kind of numbers that may sound impressive... but every one is meant to sound impressive
and hide the real truth"

"One-third of a million have supposedly 'enrolled'- well, they haven't enrolled (by the traditional definition of insurance). They've put stuff in their shopping cart, but none of them have reached the cash register... nobody has sent the check in"

"We have no idea how many people will enroll- despite the numbers that you hear"

These enrollees "are going to reach their doctor's office in January, then they'll see if they're 'enrolled' "

"How could the President have gone-out ... and said 'If you like your plan, you keep your plan'... when they knew there'd be millions of cancellation notices going-out...?"

"They know it's a disaster- they're worried about
what's going to happen"

"But all they're trying to do is going to bail the water out ever day- not dealing with the cracks and leaks in the foundation"