28 December 2013

REPORT: Barack and Michelle
'Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms'...
'Smart Money has the Marriage Doomed'

'...with his public approval rating plummeting after 
the disastrous roll­out of his 'Obamacare' health plan... 
now he’s walked smack into the worst marital crisis of his life'

Reports in the tabloid National Enquirer (don't laugh- they broke the John Edwards story when the candidate himself dismissed it as 'made-up' and most everybody else thought it too crazy to be true) have President Obama and his beard wife basically separated and no longer sharing the presidential bed these days. With the last straw being his flirting with the blondie Danish PM at Nelson Mandela's wake, 'inside sources' also had her locking him out of their Chicago home and 'seriously discussing divorce'...

Given the publicly-displayed animosity, various death stares, and consistently graceless immaturity we've seen from these two in the past, not exactly what you'd call a 'surprise'... but such first-hand accounts of a marriage on-the-rocks still count as a revelation.

Voice-of-Russia put a piece out a couple days ago where WH staff sources said Michelle bit her tongue for a couple days, until they were back in the private confines of the White House-- then said they heard her fully unload on Barry with 'I've had enough!'. 

The sources noted that Barack has humiliated Mi­chelle before, but this incident was played out dramatically on the world stage. 'Practically everybody on the planet saw what he did and realized that the President has absolutely no respect for his wife'.