02 December 2013

Shameless Load Boasts to Radio Show How She Lives GREAT on Welfare: 'Working is Stupid'...
'Taxpayers are the Fools'

Welfare queens, chillin'

A  recent caller to an Austin radio talk show ('Lucy', 32 y.o., Riverside, TX) -just one of the record 91.5M Americans who've left the US work force- bragged to the host that both she AND her husband 'don't see the need' for working these days... even though they have three young daughters. She said she prefers to live on welfare and 'benefits' so she can 'visit friends and smoke weed all day'...

Here's the sweet little package Lucy's managed to put together:

Section-8 gov't-paid rent     $550/mo

EBT/food stamps                $425/mo

Electricity $ubsidy                $150/mo

Water $ubsidy                      $100/mo

               Free Obamaphone                     -0-                    

'Lucy' -who would obviously work if she had to- went on to tell listeners she enjoys 'free Xmas gifts' for the kids and other benefits/charity as well, adding 'Why should I work...?