16 December 2013

Who's Next to Follow South Carolina's Lead
on the FULL State Nullification of Obamacare?
(Yoo-hoo, Rick Perry...)

As desperation mounts at the White House, Dear Leader -although he hasn't killed his uncle yet- is sinking to new depths of lawlessness in flailing attempts to salvage his 'signature' piece of legislation, the misnomer Affordable Care Act (and the entire Obama legacy). 

The latest stunt involves all but forcing insurers to cover (cheaply or free, and at a financial loss) those without HC coverage who haven't been able to get anything out of 'state exchanges' due to the ongoing healthcare.gov debacle.

But it seems South Carolinians have decided they've had their fill: If the ACA nullification bill -which has been 'fast-tracked' in the SC state senate- becomes law, they be the first state to exempt citizens and businesses from all participation.

NC state Sen. Tom Davis -the author of the bill- says passage would stop Obamacare COLD, blocking practical implementation via a handful of provisions. These could be summarized as 'we refuse to carry our own cross!', because SC will not be lifting a finger to help force this down peoples' throats.

Davis -who's an attorney- based the pending legislation on five basic components, all of which are legal, effective, and well-within the state's power.

How it would work is by prohibiting state agencies, officers and employees from implementing any provisions of Obamacare, leaving these weighty tasks solely in the hands of the federal government, (which lacks the resources/personnel to do it alone).

'Congress can pass laws, but it cannot compel the states to utilize either their treasury or personnel to implement those federal laws.'

So, who's next? Alabama, Arizona, and Missouri have already passed laws/ballot initiatives that nullify Obamacare mandates specifically, but what we need is full nullification -as proposed in South Carolina- and by 10-15 states, minimum... that ought to throw a spanner in the works!

Borrowing Mark Levin's central theme of re-asserting states' rights, South Carolina's initiative could bring us in the short term a taste of what The Liberty Amendments envisions over the longer-term... freedom, liberty, and control over our own destiny.
Godspeed, Senator Davis~

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