03 January 2014

KJU Had 'Scum' Uncle (+ 5 Aides) EATEN ALIVE by
120 Wild Dogs... in Front of 300 Party Officials!

There's even an old Korean name for such an 'execution by dogs' -quan jue- 
so I reckon it's not the first time it's happened over yonder. 

Yet if the ruthlessly swift arrest and conviction of the Norks' #2 shocked you last month, the execution method now said to have been employed is unlikely to make you feel any better about it: despite the fact that his uncle Jang Song Thaek wasn't the nicest guy in the world, it's hard to imagine anyone deserving to be stripped naked and torn to ribbons by a pack of 120 vicious dogs... who had reportedly been starved for three days (!) 

It was said to have lasted over an hour... and this in front of a crowd of over 300 Communist Party officials- got the message, comrades?

What would seem obvious is that this all should have a chilling effect on any real reform efforts in Pyongyang- can you imagine advising KJU to 'moderate' in any way after his moderate/pragmatist uncle paid the ultimate price? Those with no blood ties would stand on even thinner ice.

Interestingly, the story has been floated by a Hong Kong newspaper- the leak is thought to indicate displeasure/impatience with the Norks in Beijing- apparently they liked doing business with the uncle, with whom they had elaborate ties.

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