07 January 2014

MoveOn.org Director Presents
(Relentlessly) Progressive Agenda for 2014...

Good to know what powerful far-left loons like Ann Galland -executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action- are up to... I assume they're moving to become more underhanded and disingenuous than ever heading into this vital election year of 2014, seeing as the Obama record has destroyed every feasible argument -and broken every promise- the progs ever had...

Ms (insert militant feminist fist here) Galland delivered a rambling 2014 manifesto on CSPAN last weekend, where she laid-out plans that betray what part of our society the left will be laying-waste to this year- if we let them. 

It really shows you what a bubble these libs dwell within- this little bolshevik sounds like the last five years never even happened. But underestimating the enemy is part of what got us in the fix we're in with Obama, right from 2007. Kicking the left's ass in 2014 elections is absolutely vital... and conservatives are going to have to do it with the other arm's axe swinging at Karl Rove and his posse of RINO nudniks...

MoveOn.org priority foci for 2014:

1) 2014 congressional races

2) 'income inequality'

3) 'this year we could see meaningful progress on climate change...'

4) 'other equality issues'


"There are too many Americans who are struggling to make ends meet...
while a very small number of people are doing -uh- more than fine..."

"People are working hard, but they still can't make ends meet... something is wrong, something is broken with how our economy rewards hard work, and helps people take care of themselves and their families"

"MoveOn has been fighting alongside fast food workers who are looking to
-not something totally radical (smirks, laughs)- earn a living wage" (Ed: $15/hr!

"We want to see Social Security strengthened and expanded"

"Politicians who fight for an economy that's 'fair'... that's the country we can be"

"...full implementation of Obamacare is essential"

"We have to keep moving forward... the (ACA) law isn't perfect, but it should be strengthened... we can't go back... to the Bad Old Days."

"It's not even a question if the Affordable Care Act is constitutional"

"We need to invest in a (federal) jobs program..."

Full interview:

Free Republic   MoveOn.org   Wikipedia   h/t Kirby

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