21 January 2014

Media SHREDDED Bush Over Saddam's Missing WMD-
What About Obama's Blatant False Pretense in Syria?

As has become standard in this Twilight-Zone-episode-of-a-presidency, you've got to look to the foreign press -UK, Australia, Canada, or Germany (ironically)- to get the full story these days... same as volk seeking the truth were forced to in Nazi Germany...

This is due of course to the de facto takeover of the American MSM we've all had to witness over the last five years. Most of these hacks have bet the farm on this administration and are still showing no signs of shame- so expect them to protect him to the bitter end. 

And it's not just petty scandals or bizarre nominees/appointees they're hiding anymore- since they buried Benghazi (as best the could), the MSM has actively obfuscated the true body count of our incompetent zealot of a president... the failures/crimes that lead to these deaths... and who exactly in this regime had a finger in it. 

Recently we've heard Robert Gates' revelations -including him being 'amazed' at how political Obama was re. every single military decision faced- where the former (bipartisan) Secretary of Defense -who served in every single US administration since Nixon- said he'd 'never seen anything like it'. And anybody can see that Obama's Syria strategy -as it were- has been 90% politically-driven.

So while Geo W Bush was accused of political manipulation of intelligence when we didn't find substantial weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now we have a president who was only prevented from attacking Syria by foreign governments and American politicians wiser than him. 

Obama was chomping-at-the-bit to bomb Assad's regime flat because they 'used chemical weapons against rebel forces' there- remember?

Now there are some very serious questions re. how the Obama Administration came to be so damn sure the Syrian government were the ones using chemical weapons... and not the rebels staging an attack upon their own areas in order to invoke friendly foreign intervention...

In the early hours of August 21, 2013, rebel-controlled areas of the Syrian capital Damascus were attacked with chemical weapons. Not long afterwards, videos, photos, and eyewitness accounts appeared on the Internet, and experts examining the symptoms concluded quickly that the nerve agent Sarin was used to kill and injure hundreds of people. According to the US government, 1,429 people were killed, including 426 children.

Nine days later, US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Syrian government troops of having committed a war crime. Speaking at a press conference, he presented a map of Damascus showing which areas were government-controlled, and which were controlled by rebels. He then went on to appear before a Senate hearing in Washington on September 3, and said, "We are certain that none of the opposition has the weapons or capacity to effect a strike of this scale, particularly from the heart of regime territory."

In detail, the former United Nations weapons inspector Richard Lloyd and national security expert Theodore A. Postol explained that the rockets were much too short-range to have been fired from the center of the government-controlled areas. The "heart" of Damascus, they said, is between five and ten kilometers from the scene of the strike, while the missiles in question could only have flown two kilometers.

This statement has now come under fire. In a 23-page report, two US experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concluded that the attack could not have originated from "the heart" of the regime-controlled area.

Didn't Obama and Kerry say 'WE KNOW" that Assad used WMD in Syria?
And that they had 'evidence'...?

About time you coughed it up then, eh?

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