09 January 2014

Now All Can See Why Obama & Christie
Get Along SO Damn Well!

Both the same kind of unprincipled, vengeful, 
mafioso-mentality thug that should never 
be allowed anywhere near the levers of power...

If we as constitutional conservatives somehow allow a Chris Christie nomination to become reality in 2016 after this latest scandal, then shame on us- the GOP Establishment golden boy's aides have been caught red-handed ordering bridge lanes closed for four days, creating traffic snarls  -and causing at least one death via ambulance delay- for no other reason than retaliation against a whole town (Fort Lee, NJ) because their Dem mayor (who Christie staffers referred to as 'that little Serbian') refused to endorse his re-election campaign last fall...  sound familiar?

And since the Governor -as we often get with Obama- is now lying his considerable ass off to cover up ("knew nothing, I'm appalled, blah blah blah"), if that can be proven, it will make our task of stopping this blobular egomaniac all the easier- regardless, nobody believes he didn't know what his top staff were up to -their desks were steps away- so the damage may already be done.

It's the same as with Hillary and Benghazi- if Republicans can't wrap that tightly around her neck by election time, why do we even bother getting involved in politics. The nomination is likely hers for the taking, yet some think her a 'weak candidate' in the 2016 general election, and some Democrats and advisers are even recommending against her running

With Hillary's long-time running fear of vast, right-wing conspiracies, perhaps she has a bit more respect -read 'fear'- for the TEA Party than nominal Republican Chris Christie. But he was already rumored to have some major skeletons in his closet, so along with the new bridge-closing scandal Gov Christie will be taught to respect the constitutional-conservative right -when our candidate kicks his butt all up-and-down the field in the GOP presidential primary, if not sooner.

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