30 January 2014

Progs Absolutely Drooling in Anticipation
of Threatened Obama Diktats...

As President Obama repeated previous threats to abuse his
Executive Order powers in an otherwise most eye-wateringly dull SOTU in recent memory, he claimed to have a 'drawer full of ideas' he's keen to implement with them.  
I'm sure they're real good ones, too- think economic folly, mass amnesty, and bird-brained 'green' initiatives of all sorts... 

On the other side (technically), the Gee Oh Pee's fat-n-happy 'leadership' is too lazy/cowardly to go after Obama for lying and breaking the law all the time, and probably is expected by the WH to also cave on immigration and other issues if he hectors them enough. Thus, the threats of Stalinesque diktats if Boehner doesn't lay down like he usually does.

But this talk of a brave new world where Obama frees himself of bothersome constitutional restraints and just directly tells us all what to do -or else- has libs absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth... they love this kind of crap:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'The President  is going to have to use his executive authority' - "...and I agree that he should use his executive authority because if the Republicans continue to try to be obstructionists, then we’ve got to make progress!"

Noted constitutional scholar Sheila Jackson Lee: "Executive orders are legal" because he's just trying to help and protect us, "acting ‘on behalf of the American people" 

Well, that sounds peachy- good to hear he's on our side, what kind of mean person would oppose that?.

Then we've got MSNBC's Ed Schultz: "Obama Is exactly right to take action without Congress..." Of course!

And the first thing they expect to spring-forth from Obama's pen and/or telephone would be an incredibly ill-timed minimum wage hike (for federal/fed contract employees) from $7.25 to $10.10... forty percent, hey, why not-
he's just spreading the wealth around.

It's like Christmas Festivus morning, waiting for 
Obama to march in and take over completely...

For hyper-short-sighted liberals, anyway- 
the other 70% of us think he's way, way out-of-control.

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