13 January 2014

Rancid Iranian Coot (80) Sets New World Record-
Hasn't Touched a Bath in 60 Years!

Killer sh*t

This dubious achievement smashes the previous record of 38-years-without-washing held by 'The World's Smelliest Man', Indian farm worker Kailash Sigh... and you thought the French were bad!

Our proud new record-holder is a homeless drifter in the Iranian village of Dejgah, a fetid character who took his last bath in 1954- 'Amou Hadji'. He is said to have suffered some psychological trauma in his youth, the reaction to which being a vow to live the rest of his life in solitude.

He consistently refuses offers of help from others, and won't even take clean drinking water. Amou -which is a term of affection for 'kind old man' in Farsi- prefers to live rough, feasting on 'rotten' dead porcupines he finds
-his 'favorite dish'- and smoking 
animal feces to pass the time (!). 

Packin some poop

When able to get his hands on some cigarettes, Amou Hadji smokes them five at a time- yet, the rationale offered for refusing to bathe is that 'it will make him sick'. He also says his lifestyle 'keeps him in-touch with the earth'- hard to argue with that, seeing as he's got a thin layer of ashen mud crust over his entire body. But he's not completely unkept- Amou regularly trims his beard and hair by 'burning it off over a fire'.

Obviously, the guy's nuttier than a Snickers bar- poor bastard, really makes you count your blessings. Mr Hadji's appearance is pretty much what you might expect, too- scaly, filthy, crusty, and grizzled... and the smell? 

All one can do is speculate, but it's got to be the kind of putrid stench you just can't get out of your mind, like burning plastic- the Iranian paper only said he had 'a deep odor'.  For this, he's got his 15 minutes of fame now: