16 January 2014

Rove Syndicate Targets Conservative Consultants?
Well TWO Can Play THAT Game...

What if conservative FReepers/bloggers/online activists were to instigate a boycott of major donors to Karl Rove's 'American Crossroads' and 'Crossroads GPS' SuperPACs- so that underwriting Rove's war on the Gee-Oh-Pee's own base comes at as heavy a price as possible? Then perhaps they'll realize what they're doing is wrong.  

Crossroads GPS is a 'dark money' PAC -thus not required to release donor info- but we've got enough on the original American Crossroads group to make our presence felt (via pain inflicted) while we try and sniff-out the rest.

Karl Rove and his congressional allies need to be taken-out-at-the-knees financially... and right now would be a good time: they're clearly out to destroy the TEA Party, and are now blacklisting companies who dare do business with constitutional conservatives- are you going to just stand there while crony-capitalist, Big Government 'Republicans' prosecute a scorched-earth offensive on all we believe in? I didn't think so!

Besides the fact such underhanded, fratricidal behavior is anti-First Amendment, anti-democratic, and anti-American to the core, Rove/RINO efforts to silence grass roots conservatives would KILL the only political movement with any chance of stopping our runaway train of a government. 

See, Rove, Boehner, et. al. are going to roll America over a cliff too -same as the progs- just a bit slower, and with a different group of crony capitalists in the passenger seat. Maybe we should think about boycotting Fox News shows that showcase the blobular Rove? I sure don't watch them- perhaps other Fox viewers (at minimum) would be well-served by 'muting' Rove when his fat face and goofy whiteboard barge onto-the screen... fitting, since he's vowed to silence us.

WE -the TEA Party/Reaganite, constitutional conservatives- present the only viable antidote to the misguided and failed Obama era- and unless you've got some fresh solutions to table, maybe you're the one who needs to learn how to shut their mouth. 

We will NOT be silenced! 

And we aren't buying any of your buddies' sh*t, either... 

-self service storage units 

(founder B. Wayne Huges Rove's largest donor)

Great American Life Insurance Company
Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company
Continental General Insurance Company
Manhattan National Life Insurance Company
United Teacher Associates Insurance Company

Gold's Gymn, Omni Hotels

-oil exploration

Hey US Chamber of Commerce, you're next...