17 January 2014

Ted Cruz Disembowels Hollyweird Hypocrite
Harvey Weinstein (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction) Re.
Upcoming Anti-Gun Propaganda Piece...

Self-righteous Tinseltown windbag Harvey Weinstein is at it with the liberal causes again, but on this issue he lacks credibility like no other: the producer 
(of some of the most incredibly violent films to ever hit the screen) says he's got an anti-gun film currently in production (starring fellow moonbat Meryl Streep)
-and the NRA "wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them"-

Mr Weinstein -for whom self-awareness/shame is clearly not a strong suit-
went on to say he's "gonna take the issue head-on", and "I don't think we need guns in this country"- with the ultimate aim is nothing less than destruction of the private arms industry (!). He made it clear the goal is for moviegoers to leave the theater thinking, "Gun stocks- I don’t want to be involved in that stuff. It’s going to be like crash and burn...."

In the interview with Howard Stern -himself an anti-gun nut- Weinstein had earlier stated it was OK to use a gun when "they're marching a half-million people to Auschwitz"... but even the sympathetic shock-jock felt obligated to point-out the Nazis had taken all the guns (via the exact type of gun control Weinstein is proposing in America today). To this, Weinstein repsonded "I would find a gun, if that's what was happening to my people"- uh, Harvey... real life isn't like a Tarantino flick, where's there's always another loaded gun laying around!

Now constitutionally-aware, thinking people are responding to the Miramax
co-founder's over-the-top threats, and asking some questions...
Senator Ted Cruz, ferinstance...

  • "The great thing is the market will take care of this- because these left-wing propaganda films that people like Weinstein put out- they never sell any tickets. So if he wants to lose some money, preaching..."
  • "The hypocrisy of a rich Hollywood producer that lives in a fancy neighborhood, with all sorts of police protection. And he says he 'doesn't own a gun', but I'll bet he's got armed security around him..."
  • "His answer is, for the single mom -who lives in the inner city, who has to ride the subway at night, who works two jobs- and who has a real threat of violence... he's telling her she can't protect herself."
  • "It's the same pattern we see in Washington, it's a double standard: it's 'One Rule for Thee, One Rule for Me'... liberals love to live by special rules... but they want different rules for hard-working Americans..."
  • "They're very happy to try to control the American people: you see the elites on both coasts, they look down on this country... they look down on their constituents as rubes, and they don't listen..."