28 January 2014

WHAT IF Somebody Substituted Truth Serum
for Obama's Annual Flu Shot ...?

Now that we've got Boehner/McConnell at our feet -utterly neutered, subjugated, and blackmailed- Democrats don't need to take the Senate or make gains in the House this coming November: I'll be ruling by executive diktat and via my many czars' murky bureaucratic power channels anyway,
while selectively enforcing the existing laws that do or do not fit my
warped views and relentless agenda.

In short, I will be doing as I damn well please over the next 2.5 years (minimum), as has been the trend since Day One -but rather than little shame or concern for the views of the electorate, there will be none- and nobody's going to do a thing to stop me.

The press will continue to lick my ass -so as to salvage both our legacies-
so I have no reason to be concerned with those who remember what this country was supposed to be like, refusing to square-up to the new reality. 

Residual Tea Party scum and other 'extremist' state enemies will be slandered by Democratic Party propagandists -to prevent them from undermining my Republicans- and assaulted aggressively, with FBI, IRS, and ATF having a field day with the Stasi-esque NSA files we've been compiling on these people over the last 5+ years. 

Unwelcome street protests will be tolerated about as much as they are in Moscow or Beijing- armored checkpoint booths and DHS panzer divisions stand at the ready.

And speaking of 'divisions', there is NO limit to amount of enduring social damage I'm willing to inflict in order to make this 'progressive' revolution stick... an opportunity to declare martial law sure would come in handy, what do I care if some fool gets his head cracked.

January 2017 presidential pardons to include such great Americans as Tony Rezko, Bradley Manning, JJJ and Sherry Jackson... that is, if we ever have another election again.

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