03 February 2014

Boehner Immigration Offensive Reportedly Implodes in Face of 80% GOP Opposition in the House

Can his teetering speakership survive this one?

Or better put- is there any reason we need John Boehner around anymore? Or is he planning to pull a 'Rove'... and stay on to haunt us, propped-up at the top of our party even as his record screams 'LOSER!' over and over again?

For me it's hard to imagine how Boehner will be able to effectively lead Republicans into this fall's election, and NOW is the time for a change. This sort of defeat will further undermine faith in this incredibly inept, unprincipled, and totally ineffective House Speaker- and hopefully getting us looking for an alternative ASAP.

His collaboration with the Obama Administration on spending -and now in a failed attempt at mass amnesty (and permanent GOP irrelevancy)- is truly inexcusable... while Boehner's lack of interest in investigating Obama lies, crimes, and yes, body count makes you wonder what kind of dirt this vile, mafia-esque White House has on the guy.

It seems almost a complete waste of time heading into this vital 2014 campaign with the same crew of nothings 'leading' the Republican Party... because this rusty old barge has got a jammed rudder, and his name is 'John Boehner'.

If this latest immigration debacle isn't enough to scare all Republicans away from the worst Republican House Speaker I can even remember, perhaps the clip from his appearance on Leno will do the trick- I swear he's drunk, and talk about a guy with nothing to say (except the government shutdown was 'our fault'... thanks John!)

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