01 February 2014

If What the GOP's Experiencing is a 'Civil War',
the Dems Could Use a Bit of that Themselves...

Why go over the falls with Dear Leader...?

All you hear lately from serial political opportunists on the left is how the foolish Republicans are being 'torn apart' by an internecine 'civil war', how we're going to split into two parties, political wilderness, blah blah blah... 

And although the GOP's RINO establishment puts up a somewhat unified front
empty platitudes on Leno, etc- they plainly hate the TEA Party
(and the potential shrinking of their privilege it represents).

In reality, these Vichy Republicans have already taken off the 'nice' mask, joining up with pasty shit-head
Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce in an open attempt to wipe constitutional conservative primary candidates off ballots from coast-to-coast... going so far as to punish their paid consultants.
Is that how you treat fellow party members with whom you 'agree with 90% of the time'?

OK, bring it on: no time like the present, and frankly if we don't push back this Prog-RINO alliance this year, the country will likely be beyond salvation by 2016. Conservatives won't allow themselves to be driven into irrelevancy this cycle... and even though they're too stubborn and myopic to see it, the Republican Party as a whole isn't going anywhere without us.

In effect, RINOs like Boehner, McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor -who are allied with the efforts to destroy the very same TEA party that handed them a House majority- won't allow us to elect constitutional conservative candidates... look at all establishment Republicans did to keep Ted Cruz and Mike Lee out of office. NOW they're all on board for a mass amnesty bill that appears to have been written by the US Chamber of Commerce- nothing keeps them happy like a bottomless labor pool that suppresses wages and takes jobs from Americans.

To add insult to injury, the Republicans are pretending to be principled in resisting the 'special path to citizenship' demanded by Pelosi et. al., hoping they'll win over some conservatives by 'standing firm' against full citizenship for millions upon millions undocumented Democrats.

The truth behind all this is that the Dems want (poor, maleable) registered voters -and that means citizens- but the US Chamber of Commerce simply wants cheap, obedient workers- most there could care less if they're actually American or not, they just don't want to be 'hassled' by the feds anymore (for hiring underpaid 3rd-world peasants).

Maybe if we could forget for a minute that amnesties are bad for the economy, country, and culture, conservatives would be more open to amnesty sans citizenship via guest worker programs with 'tougher border security', as they propose. But would any of that actually come to be, considering that the Obama Administration -the most lawless in US history- is the one in-charge with enforcement? Of course not- and everybody and his dog knows it.

Liberals also love to tell you all about 'Reagan's amnesty'... while the reality is that he came to consider that deal with Democrats his 'greatest regret', seeing as how Tip O'Neill refused to fund the new border security measures he had agreed to with Reagan. You listening, pro-amnesty RINOs?

As for collateral damage from going to war with the Gee Oh Pee establishment in an election year that's already leaning Republican, I say this: without constitutional conservatism, there's nothing left for me to vote for in this country. I don't want a John Boehner legislative agenda-- majority or not. Maybe the RINOs think they can live without us clingers, but the math doesn't support it-
so if this is their idea of a charm offensive, they'd better give it a major rethink. 

The Rove-Boehner-Chamber axis has already declared war on us... only choice is fight or surrender. This coming Prog-RINO immigration offensive might spell the end of John Boehner's speakershipsure hope so. So far, it's gone over like a fart in church., so when your 'leader' is unable to lead anybody but Paul Ryan (astray) and his own dopey staffers...

Otherwise, we'll carry it on into the fall election. I don't want to go 3rd party, that's handing 2016 to the Dems. I want to drive off Boehner/McConnell and take over the Republican Party from within... just like Reagan did.

Alas, all this turbulence on the right is what used to pass for 'healthy political discourse' in this country... there's debates on spending, social issues, foreign policy, immigration, and political strategy. Today in the UK, Tory conservatives are rebelling against squishy David Cameron as well-
dissent within a party is a sign of principled people thinking for themselves
within the framework of a well-functioning democracy. 

Now ask yourself when's the last time you heard of significant debate on any of these key issues amongst congressional Democrats?

Doesn't it bother anybody on the other side that so few of their myriad 'intellectuals' have anything intelligent to say that differs from the shining path of the radical, incompetent Obama Administration? Perhaps they're sooo smart, all of them are spontaneously and simultaneously right about everything,
all the time... call it 'communal genius'.

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