12 February 2014

Is John Boehner Finally Finished?

Mark Levin and Tea Party/Senate Conservatives  
declare war on John Boehner's teetering speakership

The latest cave-in by the GOP's weaker-than-circus-lemonade congressional 'leadership' finally has most all conservatives seeing that the time is NOW for new talent (or any talent) at the top of the party. The SCF, Mark Levin, and Tea Party Patriots have rolled-out the heavy artillery, aimed straight at the listless reign of John Boehner, who the Tea Party put in power, only to be mocked, derided, dismissed, and basically told to go home and shut-up.

It's long overdue, and I don't know how anyone could justify limping-along into the 2014 midterms with John Boehner in charge. Under him, the party lacks principle, direction, and leadership at every level... it's not that hard to understand why people don't see any reason to be voting Republican, he and McConnell surely aren't offering them any, neither verbally nor through their actions. 

Shouldn't the House Speaker be able to speak? Boehner seemed a rambling drunk on Leno last month- what was the point of even going on there if you're just going to mumble/look stupid... and have nothing to say (except for that the shutdown is our fault?)

The Senate Conservatives Fund -who recently released a powerful video exposing Mitch McConnell as the Mother-of-All-RINOs is a PAC closely allied with the Tea Party movement. And they've had their fill of John Boehner's Lilly-livered term as House Speaker, too- they've put together a new website dedicated to the cause of drumming-up the 15 votes required to block Boehner from retaining his gavel. Mark Levin has dedicated himself fully to the cause as well.

And although there's not a plethora of obvious conservative candidates to replace John Boehner in the House, there is new Republican leadership emerging on Capitol Hill in-general...  recent polls offer a glimpse of what the people want.

Oh, and you other 28 Vichy Republicans in the House that voted for surrender and continued collaboration with the Obamunists, the Tea Party is
coming for you, too...

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