22 March 2014

Angry Clingers UNITE


So Much for That $2,500 in Savings… Insurers Will See Double-Digit
Obamacare Price Hikes in 2015
-Gateway Pundit

REALLY: Is Anyone Surprised? -Doug Ross

Bureau of Public Debt Employee Watches Porn on the Job Because
He Has Nothing Else to Do

Obama Commends Abbas For 'Consistently Renouncing Violence'???   -Joshua Pundit

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Putinmania Edition -VA Right

photo Free Republic

How To Make Your Girlfriend/Wife Hate You -Pirate's Cove

Freudian Slip of the Day  -Black & Right

Flashback tweets: Arianna’s Hilarious Warning & why Vlad was Glad
-The Powers that Be

Forum: If You Had The Opportunity, What Would You Discuss
with President Obama?
-Watcher of Weasels

How to Spot a Phony Supporter of Gun Rights  -The Daley Gator

Obama Has Things Worked-Out with Putin  -Woodsterman

The Democrats’ War on the Two-Party System -Gunny-G

Ă“bama Wasn't Mugged by Reality- He Wanted this Reality  -BookWormRoom

Putin Now Threatens Nuclear Attack -Trevor Loudon

Shooting Drones With Shotguns -Every Blade of Grass

Latest headlines...  -BadBlue News

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