25 March 2014

Demanding an Israeli-Style Barrier on the US/Mexican Border

The Democrats' best shot at destroying the GOP in the short/medium-term would clearly lay in mass amnesties of illegal immigrants... forget smokescreen BS about green cards and phony half-measures masquerading as compromise: once here legally, most 3rd-world immigrants will be made citizens and voting (Democrat) soon enough, and anyone who purports otherwise is being at-minimum being intellectually dishonest...

Luckily for left, Republican 'leadership' in the House and Senate are more than willing to help them do that, as the US Chamber of Commerce just loves them a bottomless labor market-- and John Boehner's too stupid to see any farther than the next tee.

Scheming progs are also keen to tell you all about 'Reagan's amnesty', when in fact The Gipper was bamboozled into legalizing about 2.7M mostly-Mexican immigrants 'one time only' in exchange for real border security (when he signed the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act).

Of course, Tip O'Neil broke that promise, and the security measures were for the most part never funded. Reagan later called the deal (in which he was clearly lied-to and screwed) the 'biggest regret' of his eight years in office.

I've about had my fill hearing what the left wants, playing defense all the time, watching Boner and Musty Mitch cave in backroom deals while feeding us 'conservative' sounding noise (and defeatist nonsense) that treats the Republican base like we just fell off the potato cart.

What about our side... are we just going to bicker about what portion of the Democrats' wish-list we should acquiesce to? How bout 'what do conservatives want?' Aren't 'deals' supposed to have at least two sides?

Here's what I want: REAL border security OWED to us since the Dems broke that promise to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Why would anyone feel obligated or pressured to support a mass legalization up to 10x the size of the one in 1986 when we got totally shafted last time?

Since we Americans now live in the most lawless presidency in history -and past 'immigration reform' deals with the left were clearly grave errors- only a true idiot would believe ANYthing the Democrats -or Chamber-of-Commerce Republicans- tell us re. the amnesties they relentlessly market as 'inevitable' and/or 'not really amnesty', etc.

We demand GUARANTEED border security... or there is nothing else to discuss. This long-overdue border enforcement cannot be grey, nothing that can be fudged, no more laws enforced selectively, none of the games and frauds we've come to expect in the bizarre Obama era.

And no new squads of DHS drones, either- this administration can't be trusted with such a massive expansion of these multi-use toys.

How, then? Build a wall... or a fence, anyway: just the kind of real solution the libs mock as 'too expensive', 'not realistic', blah blah blah. Oh it's just so absurd, isn't it.

Yet the truth that a border fence is plenty realistic, and we can surely afford the money it would take to build a high-tech security barrier equipped with radar, motion-sensors, and cameras along the entire 1954-mile US border with Mexico. These facts and figures can be extrapolated from Israel's recently completed Israel-Egypt Barrier project, a 142-mile state-of-the-art border fence erected on their isolated frontier with Egypt's Sainai Pennisula, all the way from Gaza down to the Red Sea port of Eilat...

Finished at a cost of 1B sheckels ($270M), the whole thing was built in just a few years. Thirty contractors worked concurrently, erecting 'a few hundred meters' a day until the project's completion in January 2013. That comes-out to just $1.9M/mile -including full-length patrol road- and the automated nature of the design means low staffing requirements... got to cost less to operate effectively than how we're attempting to do it in America.

US officials have in fact visited the Negev Desert sites to see what ideas they might glean from the Israelis- they already know about this, all that's lacking is the will. 

For our 1954 miles to cover on the US southern border, the cost estimate (at the Israeli rate) for this nearly-impenetrable border protection would be $3.7B, complete. I say 'impenetrable' because in the first year of operation, the concertina-wire-topped Israel-Egypt barrier reduced illegal immigration by 99.9%

And does anybody doubt that we could build it cheaper than high-cost Israel? Or at a faster, rate, with 50 or 100+ contractors? Wouldn't economies of scale kick-in someplace here?

So give us our fence... or conservatives will fight the Dems, GOP establishment, Chamber of Commerce, and MSM drones tooth-and-nail on immigration 'reform', forever.

Nothing is on the table re. any sort of legalization or expansion of work permits until this country re-establishes its national sovereignty and defends the American people from drugs, terrorism, and other imported crime by securing the border. And a high-tech fence/barrier is the only thing short of a fully-militarized border that is ever going to do it.

Marco Rubio says he's real big on border security... perhaps he could restore his reputation with conservatives by getting behind this and proving it, then.


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