04 March 2014

Hillary (2010): US Position is "to Guarantee Ukraine's Sovereignty, Independence, Territorial Integrity,
and Inviolability of its Borders"

I guess that was easy to say when Moscow's toady Viktor Yanukovych was doing just as the Kremlin told him to- she made this hollow promise to him -and all other Ukrainians- at a press conference in Kiev just 3-1/2 years ago...
Other BS laid on them by Lil Ms Whatdifferencedoesitmake:
"We support European Union integration"
"...we... support a relationship with Russia that is in Ukraine’s interest that helps to further what President Obama has called the resetting of relations with Russia."
"Some have tried to force Ukrainians into a choice between aligning your country with Russia or with the West. We believe that is a false choice..."
"We do not believe in the concept of “spheres of influence.” We believe that it is up to Ukrainians to chart your own course towards your own future. And in doing so, you can count on the support and friendship of the United States."
Still more baggage for 2016... what a maroon.
All this useful info comes courtesy of the
Hillary cultists at Still4Hill  and The Week   h/t Free Republic

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