13 March 2014

Journalist Gets Manhandled, Robbed, then Chased-Off at Gunpoint by Russians on MAINLAND Ukriane (video)

Ukrainian tank at Chonhar
At the new de facto border that's developed on actual mainland Ukraine at Chonhar, Kherson Oblast (not Crimea), VICE journalist/correspondent/filmmaker Simon Ostrovsky attempted to take 'the safest way' into Crimea from Ukraine (train/on foot) yesterday, which required passing both Ukrianian and Russian checkpoints...

The Ukrainians were pretty cool, inviting him inside the commander's tank for a brief interview. Although he stated he was of 'Russian blood', the Ukrainian officer made it abundantly clear how little that meant to him in the current confrontation: 'If your are an invader, we will fend off your invasion. It doesn't matter who it is.' He went on to add that 'If I restrain a bandit, do ask him
'Are your Russian'? Of course not.'

Once Ostrovsky crossed the no-man's land between the two sides, the reception at the Russian post was decidedly icy by comparison, where blue-camo, heavily-armed troops restrained and abused them for no apparent reason, shook the pair down down, then sent them running for their lives.

Alas, this is not the first Ukrianian or western correspondent to be chased from Crimea lately, but this time the guy wasn't allowed to enter in the first place- and still got roughed-up. The minute they saw he was a journalist, the Russians were clicking their AK-100s, swearing, threatening, and strong-arming Ostrovsky and the camera man:


The sort of shit attitude displayed above comes right from the top in Russia, -like pretty much everything else- so apparently Moscow  just doesn't see the need for any outside documentation of the propaganda, FSB agents, and chilling unexplained dissappearances currently being employed in the run-up to Sunday's plebescite.

More details at Gateway Pundit...

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