19 March 2014

NY Post: Obama 'Confusing Ideas in His Head
with Reality- Not Clear that He Knows the Difference'

In a harsh assessment of the radical, incompetent, and now nearly rudderless Obama regime, Michael Goodwin says that most of us can't truly grasp what a comprehensive mess this once-thriving nation has been put in, not just economically but strategically. Alas, the dawning realization that we are nothing like the America of just 6 years ago is starting to hit with the Crimean crisis, where the spectacle of John Kerry attempting to deal with Vladimir Putin has been characterized as 'a cupcake negotiating with a steak knife'.

Remember how Obama told us how if we could just learn to get-along with other countries -even the Europeans disliked Bush- everything would be wine and roses? Well every single country in Europe agrees that the Russian land grab is illegal, just like us... but we're doing nothing about it... and Vladimir Putin is just laughing at us. So I guess lack of allies wasn't the problem- and leading by committee isn't the answer.

Goodwin also made some good points that -once they start to sink in- are actually quite chilling: i.e. we can't even hope for the kind of correction Jimmy Carter made in foriegn policy/military posture by 1979, when he started to realize he'd been played for a fool and the USSR had possibly even achieved military superiority on his watch. Rather, there will be no honest self-assessments, adjustments, or other effective corrections from this White House- there never is.
He points out that Obama is actually so delusional -and so married to the liberal mind-set that American power is the problem- that an effective improvement in US military prestige and capabilites is all but impossible, as he and the entire Prog movement (similar to bowel movement) would have to admit that they were wrong... and the Dick Cheneys of the world were right. Anybody think that will ever happen?
Instead, we will get the standard Obama complete-and-utter-lack-of-self-awareness along more of the same pacifist defeatism that made WWII possible, while justifications are handed to the Russians, excuses for our failures are made, fingers pointed, and propaganda spewed... just like all the failed Obammunist 'green' boondoggles and disproven climate-change BS has had zero effect on this misguided Administration's green energy/radical environmentalism nonsense... they just put their fingers in their ears and shout 'la la la, I can't hear you' as they continue to do as they damn well please, as would a kindergartener.
That's why we will continue this downward spiral in our military might and preparedness while Obama focuses on the real enemy, American conservatives. Expect tyranny at home and limp-wristed US military policy overseas with
NO credibility for the voice of the United States in international affairs
-oh, and a nuclear Iran, too- by January 2017.

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