23 April 2014

16 Ukrainians Kidnapped/Secretly Held by Russians as Pro-Kiev City Councilman Found Floating in River

'Pro-Russian' thugs kick the crap out of Ukrainian in broad daylight

Imagine your country being invaded by a frightening combination of stealthy military force and mafia/street thugs carrying advanced, high-tech weaponry... yet refusing to wear insignia, produce ID, or even tell the truth re. who they are, where they came from, or what they are doing there. And nobody does anything to stop them, either inside or outside the country.

Then the few patriots that do dare to speak-out against the invader's lies and territorial aggression begin to simply disappear...

Kiev Post:  Twelve persons, including journalists (and one American), have been kidnapped over the past week in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Sloviansk and Horlivka, according to Kyiv Post reporting and that of Donetsk-based news website Novosti Donbassa. Some have been released while two have been found dead. 
April 22 – In Sloviansk, the bodies of two men were found near the river Torets with signs of torture, according to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. One of them has been identified as Volodymyr Rybak, a Horlivka city councilman believed to have been kidnapped on April 17. He was found with a sandbag tied around his body and a slash across his stomach. He is believed to have drowned in the river while unconscious. According to the ministry’s reports, members of the pro-Russian separatist group who seized the city’s security services building were involved in the alleged torture and murder of the two men.
Meanwhile in Moscow, a Russian company has issued 500 examples of a massive collector's coin/medallion celebrating Putin's conquest of the Crimean peninsula (marketed as '1kg of Nobility')- you know, same peninsula the Kremlin said had 'no Russian forces' in it.

So what's the tacky medal for?

'Gatherer of Russian Lands' coin

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