01 April 2014

John Boehner, other RINOs, Dems Take
Hefty 2014 Donations from Shady Putin Ally

Just the way they like us...
What a shock- a Russian-Ukrainian billionaire who made his initial fortune from dubious stock shares eminating from the breakup of the Soviet Union has been sending big, fat checks this year to establishment Republicans and Democrats who aren't too uppity re. foreign policy.

Of course, most billionaire Russians who are part owners of huge Russian mining/energy companies over there are KGB/FSB and/or mafia-connected...
just like Putin

And London resident Leonard Blavatnik is a typical pro-Putin oligarch, getting rich off looting the Russian state then utilizing that ill-gotten fortune to spread Russian influence around the globe. In this case, Blavatnik made almost 20 BILLION from the Russian oil/mining industries (where only the most Kremlin-friendly get to partake in lucrative buyouts/mergers) then turned-around and obtained Warner Music from Time Warner and other assets through his Access Industries.

Since, he's weasled his way into American society and is closely associated with numerous Obammunists, i.e. Harvey Weistein. THESE are the kind of international elitists taking our country away from us... the Obamas, the Kerry/Heinz', the seedy Hollywood bigshots... all doing backroom deals on Russian billionaires' yachts.

And THESE are who Moscow is backing by calling for help from well-placed agents that owe the Kremlin a few favors...

Daily Caller:

Blavatnik contributed $5,200 (the maximum amount allowed by law) to Daniel S. Sullivan, who’s running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Alaska against Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller.  
Blavatnik and his wife have each donated $32,400 to the Democratic Congressional Committee.

They also supported Ohio Republican Rep. John Boehner ($5,200), New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen ($2,600), Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins ($2,600), Minnesota Democatic Sen. Al Franken ($5,000) and others...

You can bet your bottom ruble that this funding of the vital 2014 midterm elections in the United States is being manipulated by an expansionist Russia, possibly with its eyes set on further conquest. And how 'bout his sudden interest in Alaska politics? Chilling...
Of course Putin and Co. are having a ball watching our nations' uttlerly clueless 'leaders' drive this us right-off the cliff, and why wouldn't they... Moscow will always define itself as 'enemy of the US' whether there is any major territorial discrepencies or not, as dictatorships need both external and internal enemies to justify their existence.

So watching us go down the tubes -while providing that little extra push- is a victory in itself for the Russian mind-set... a collapsing America somehow makes their pitiful country more than a corrupt, impoverished Saudi Arabia with Trees, I guess.

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