14 April 2014

Obscure Historical Photographs

Crew members of Apollo 1 rehearse water landing, 1966

Shellshocked reindeer, Italian planes- Russia, 1941

US Customs agent points gun at a car suspected of 
transporting marijuana across the US-Mexico border, 1969

1912 World Series (Red Sox vs NY Giants)

Fidel Castro lays wreath at Lincoln Memorial, 1959

Berlin, May 1945

Stalin in photo by Lt. Gen. Nikolai Vlasik (his bodyguard).
His behind-the-scenes photos were snuck-out of the USSR

 in the 60s and sold to Western journalists.

Times Square, 1911

Last known Tasmanian Tiger, 1933

20 mins after detonation- Nagasaki, 1945

Tolstoy tells story to grandchildren, 1906

Work on Statue of Liberty, 1884

Battle of Britain, 1940

First Ronald McDonald ever...
created/played by Willard Scott! (1963)

San Francisco earthquake, 1906

SF earthquake/fire

First presidential car ever, 1909 Stanley Steamer
(privately owned by President Taft)

German airship Hindenburg over Manhattan, 1933

Graf Zeppelin over US Capitol, 1928

American Indian surveys newly-completed 
Intercontinental Railroad, 1868

Shorpy   ILTWMT   facebook   h/t Kirby

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