22 April 2014

Obscure Historical Photos II

'Victory Pyramid' of captured German helmets, NYC 1918

close-up of same

JFK, LBJ, McNamara, et. al. at height of Cuban Missile Crisis

(11 yrs before Sputnik, October 24, 1946)
with captured Nazi V-2 rocket launched straight-up
from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

Cascade, Idaho - 1941

Richmond, Virginia- 1865 (click to enlarge)

Mary Tyler Moore on the set of the
Dick Van Dyke Show, early 60's

US troops liberate Pilsen, Czechoslovakia- 1945

Winston Churchill w/ Stafford Cripps and Admiral John Tovey 
aboard HMS King George V at Scapa Flow, Scotland - 1942

Surface of Venus taken by Soviet Vanera 9 lander, 1974 (processed)

Disneyland, 1955

Paris Air Show, 1909

'Frenchie's Bar', store, and gas station- Melrose, Louisiana - 1940

Last pic taken of RMS Titanic in one piece...

Obscure Historical Photos I  -here-

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