08 May 2014

(Again Timely) CLINTON JOKES!

Chelsea comes back from a date with her new boyfriend, Hillary asks: "Have you had sex yet?" Chelsea: "Not according to Dad." 

'Hillary 2016' KFC special: 2 XL thighs, 2 small breasts,
and a left wing

What did President Bill Clinton do when the abortion bill hit his desk? Paid it.

What is the difference between a friend of the Clintons and a five-pack-a-day smoker? The smoker has a
longer life-expectancy.

Why does Clinton wear pants? To keep his ankles warm.

Libs ponder...

Why is Bill Clinton so interested in the events of the Middle East? He thinks the Gaza Strip is a topless bar-

A recent poll asked 2000 women if they would have sex with Bill Clinton: 94% replied, "Never again."

What do you call Monica Lewinsky with a runny nose? Full-

Why are Clinton's eyes always red and puffy? Mace!

How do you satisfy Clinton's sexual appetite?
It takes a village...  

Proposed Hillary Clinton 2016 Slogans: 

* Because no Clinton has ever disgraced the office of Senator

* If elected, I'll try not to misplace or shred anything important

* If you slept with my husband, the least
you can do is vote for me

* Never indicted, knock on wood

* Wait'll you see the scandals I'm planning!

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