13 May 2014

Communist China Planning Direct Rail Connection to Alaska-Canada-Lower 48 via Bering Strait Tunnel (!)

Apparently they seek to lower the cost of dominating our markets while keeping a tight leash on a rudderless debtor and efficiently extracting benefits/wealth from Chinese properties (and powerful traitors) in the USA. 

Maybe you 2x Obama voters didn't expect hopenchange to include being sold into economic slavery, yet here we are... thanks, idiots!

A Bering Strait tunnel and/or bridge has been actually been proposed at various times, going back to 1892, and most often by the Russians. Moscow says they are still currently planning a bridge project for $65B, yet experts doubt that their conventional rail approach -if ever actualized- would be able to compete with ships on cost.

The (currently 51-mile) waterway has separated North America from Asia since the end of the last Ice Age, over 7000 years ago, and is only 180ft at its deepest- so that's a plus. Yet weather is obviously a problem, making maintenance and construction of any project only practical in the summer months.

Here come the Chinese swarms

Now it's the Chinese who stand most to gain, and they know that: the government-controlled Chinese Daily says the technology is already sorted for their version: a radical and hyper-ambitous rail line project that would be the largest and most costly in world history (talking 100's of billions of dollars).

It includes special trains and rail enabling 200mph+ runs that would reduce the time for a nonstop run from China-California less than two days. Pipelines/electricity would also run below rail lines, and perhaps a roadway above.

They also expect benefits deriving from the subsequent economic development of hinterland Siberia and interior Alaska, which offer vast natural resources... much as the railroads opened-up the American west in the late 19th century.

But it's hard not to feel like the walls are closing-in: our trade relationship with China is laughably lopsided by any measure -we owe them tons of money- and they're snapping up US real estate like it's going out of style. And these days, they pretty much own our government, too...

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