17 June 2014

Amusing, Rare Historical Photos

NASA's fly-by of 'near-Mars-orbiting', potato-shaped
asteroid Eros 433 (21 mi x 7 mi), March 2000

Workers pose with 95-ton Bucyrus steam shovel,
Panama Canal Zone 1904

'Clinton Eastwood' HS yearbook photo, Piedmont CA, 1949

First Wendy's hamburger restaurant, Columbus OH, 1969

General MacArthur's Cadillac at GHQ Tokyo, Japan- 1945

Ronald Reagan and Marilyn Monroe share a laugh, mid-50s

German soldiers in Koenigsberg, East Prussia
surrender to Soviet Red Army on April 9, 1945

Miss Hurst Golden Shifter Linda Vaughn atop
Chrysler 300 Hurst pace-car, Riverside Raceway, CA, 1970

President Warren G. Harding shaking Babe Ruth's hand, 1923

Early-career Gotti mugshot, Long Island 1965

Massive amount of Nazi loot stash discovered by
US Army @ Merkers Salt Mine, Germany, 1945

Mother and son watch mushroom cloud after
US atomic test, Las Vegas, 1953

Princeton students after a freshman vs. sophomores snowball fight, 1893

What was left of United 826 landed in Brooklyn after a mid-air collision,
killing all 128 people aboard the two planes + 6 more on the ground (1960)

Soviet MBV-2 armored train equipped with tank-turrets,
anti-aircraft weapons, etc- USSR 1942

Colorized photo of Union mortar crew, 1863

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