20 June 2014

BEST of Scathing Hillary Book Reviews...

Not only did it not reach #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list, but Hillary Clinton's disingenuous re-invention of herself 'Hard Choices' is already headed south at #5-and-tanking on Amazon. Small wonder some see a wider case of Hillary-fatigue setting in, just when she's trying to re-con/launch the Hillary brand for 2016.

And the reviews are more than a little bit harsh...

It is just as bad as we all figured it would be. So glad I didn't have to pay for it or I wouldn't have bought it. 
Hillary is the consummate power hungry witch, a crooked lawyer in every way. She is a national disgrace and this is yet another self serving pack of lies as she so desperately tries to brag to us about all she did as Secretary of State when in fact she has NOT ONE accomplishment, just as she had no success as the phony senator to New York, even she never lived there.
This may be her last shot at running for president and with nothing to show for all of her years in the White House (except for a stained dress, a cigar butt and a few dead bodies) she obviously hopes this festering TURD of a book will fool the voters.

When will this woman be honest? Don't buy this piece of crap!!!

I believe this to be the work of a Hillary Clinton from an alternate reality as you cannot reconcile it's contents with the events of the timeline in our universe.


As a nation we should boycott books like this from candidates of both parties. They are nothing but propaganda. Especially in this case, it is PLAINLY evident this "book" is nothing but a boring drone of talking points crafted by a ghost writer and staffed through a platoon of political operatives and pollsters. 

Laughable to even call it book by Hillary Clinton, let alone to think it will reveal anything of value. Even more laughable to read Clinton is resting after the arduous task of writing this book. I'd be surprised to learn she actually read it all, let alone wrote it.

This poor, dead broke multi millionaire tells things from her side as if she really has had it tough

This could better be called: Safe Choices: The inside story of the woman who traveled more miles than any other Secretary of State and who carpetbagged her way into a NY Senate seat and who managed to leave the Senate without a single legislative accomplishment.

This is the iceberg to the Hillary Titanic. The unstoppable political force of Hillary sunk by her own lame offering. PS: I read this at my local library - would not spend good money on this slop.

This book is nearly impossible to read.
Hillary certainly tries to present herself as a caring, all-knowing, competent individual, but falls short on all levels.

Where are the 'hard choices' she made? Was it a 'hard choice' to barter the Secretary of State job for the Clintons' support of Obama? Was it a 'hard choice' to dance and party all over the world while Islamic terrorists gained in strength and number? 

Was it a 'hard choice' to have her cover picture retouched to the point that it doesn't even look like her own haggard face? 

Was it a 'hard choice' not to credit her ghost writer?

I picked this book up from the donate and borrow area of our community clubhouse. Though not a HRC fan, I thought that since it was a potential free read it might be worth my time. 

After several hours I decided it was not worth my time.....and I'm retired. 

It struck me as a very carefully written attempt at an image makeover, starting with the soft-focus cover photo. I returned it largely unread because quite simply it was bland, humorless and unrevealing. She needs a better ghost writer.

Sorry, but I went into this book trying to stay open-minded and objective, but I couldn't stomach it anymore after somehow making it through about 2/3rd's (two-thirds) ... no real substance to be found anywhere (maybe in the last one-third, but I never made it that far) . Sorry Hillary ... but good luck in 2016 ! (you will need it)

I normally don't read books from politicians, but I had to grab a copy and see what all the fuss was about. I went into the book with an open mind, and tried really hard to block out what was reported throughout the years. 

Instead, my openness turned into me questioning everything within it, and looking up facts again on the Internet to compare. 

After completing the book, I reminded myself why I don't like people in Washington - everything they do is calculated, strategized, and grossly misleading not to mention so far from the truth.

When it is all said and done, the 900k copies that nobody buys will end up in every public school and every public library in the country...

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