03 June 2014

CHENEY: "Yeah, They Negotiated w/ Terrorists-
and I Don't Think They Got a Very Good Deal!

We're retreating... and this so-called trade for Bergdahl w/ five of the
Taliban terrorists... strikes me as part-and-parcel of that unwise policy

(Bergdahl) was AWOL, he walked away from his post... now we have a situation where we've released five the most deadly terrorists 
that we had at Gitmo

These are people who are most-likely to go back and strike attacks against Americans, against our friends and allies in the region... we'll end up paying another kind of price because of the transaction that's been negotiated here

We have to remember what Osama Bin Laden's objective was when we got into all this... it was to 'get the US out of the Middle East'. 
And that in fact is occurring- 

Obama's acting like the war is over, but of course 
'it's over' without us having won it.

I think the whole transaction really represents bad staff work...
and if I was there, I would have opposed the transaction.

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