09 July 2014

GOP Offering 'I MISS W' T-Shirt So As to Prepare Ground for Unloved, Unwanted, and Unelectable Jeb

RINO boneheads like Jeb Bush are happy to tell you how we need to get past 'nostalgia' for the (toweringly successful) Reagan era and move-on... but the same ossified Gee-Oh-Pee fossils now think it's a good idea to bring up the (unpopular) Bush era when we're already doing well in the polls?

Although 'dissatisfied', I'm not one of those rabid Bush-haters-- not any more than any other RINO, anyway. I think he's a decent guy, loves the country, and in his heart he meant well. Of Bush family, he's easily the most likable guy. Spent way too much money and made a couple strategic mistakes (particularly occupation of Iraq)... that's all.

But what exactly is the point of attempting to burnish the Bush family name in run-up to a very important midterm election? Why even bring them up unless they're already pimping Jeb- I'm sure other registered Republicans out there got the same email, linking them to this 'buy your W shirt here' page.

But even if I did really 'miss' W, and if I did want to buy the stupid T-shirt, 
I don't think I would be able to get one (before they pop-up on ebay): like many of you, I swore off direct donations to the GOP years ago, and would never send these disingenuous bastards one thin dime- (even if they had the coolest Ted Cruz T-shirt ever devised).

Until Reagan Revolution II has shaken their ranks clean of the current crop of unprincipled nothings, that is....

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