20 July 2014

MH17 SMOKING GUN: 'Rebels' Caught Rushing
EMPTY BUK Launcher Back to Russia

And some experts think it wasn't even 'rebels' operating it,
they lack the (extensive) training required; 
rather, the killers were regular Russian troops... 

Ukrainian intelligence agents reportedly filmed the launcher used in the attack
being hurried to Russia - with two missiles missing

A view of what is believed to be a BUK surface-to-air missile battery
being driven along a path on July 17 in Torez, Ukraine

Launch site? The BUK missile system photographed
in Torez, Ukraine hours before MH17 was downed

Apparently the Russians are finding it a bit more difficult to kill, lie,
and cover-up in the citizen-journalist/internet era... tons more on the entire MH17 story -here-

UPDATE: Kiev says their intelligence can prove that Russian citizens are the ones manning the BUKS -inc. the one that shot-down MH17- as the Kremlin is moving even more BUK launchers back into Russia... how many did they have in Ukraine, anyway?

UPDATE II: US intelligence has now confirmed all this...

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