08 July 2014

More Obscure Historical Photos

Marilyn Monroe on USO visit to Korea during the war

1000 Ford Model T bodies await final assembly, Detroit - 1925

Nixon examines mystery meat on historic visit to China, 1972

Crew pose with WWI French 'super tank', the Char-2C, 1918

Ronaldus Maximus meets King Richard,
1984 Firecracker 400

New York workers laying street car tracks - 1891

Harvey Keitel on the set of Reservoir Dogs, 1991
Lucille Ball, circa 1930

Top Secret Lockheed stealth prototype Have Blue - 1977

Pavelic and Mussolini at Rome ceremony that created the 
'Independent State of Croatia' (a protectorate of Italy)- 1941

Dean Martin and Don Rickles look on as Foster Brooks
does his thing at an early 70s Rickles Celebrity Roast

Stunning Chrysler Building approaches completion, 1929

Chrysler New Yorker ad
featuring singer Jack Jones, 1976

Miss America 1924

Popeil's Pocket Fisherman, 1972

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