21 July 2014

Rare Historical Photos

Geo W Bush visits Texas oil fields with his dad, 1955

Port of San Francisco filled with abandoned boats from
miners from around the world who came for the Gold Rush (1850)

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

4-H Girls Convention, Iowa State College 1941

Yellow Cab Chicago unveils their new rumble-seat taxis, 1940

Norma Jean Baker, later to be known as 'Marilyn Monroe'
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA (1942)

Unveiling of the B-2 Spirit bomber in 1988- the first time the public
ever got to see the ultra modern bomber in the flesh

This 1949 Styleline De Luxe Convertible was
the 22-millionth Chevrolet produced

Jefferson Beach Amusement Park (St. Clair Shores, MI) 1957

British gunner practicing shooting in moving model cockpit on rails, WWI

Manhattan docks, 1908

'58 Chevrolets near completion

Ty Cobb, 1911 Detroit Tigers

Jaqueline Kennedy

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