03 July 2014

Rare & Unusual Historical Photos

Italian jet fighter prototype Caproni Campini N.1 (1940)

Neil Armstrong making pizza, Houston 1969

Nash dealership, Austin TX (1946)

Gipper with Ali, '83

FIAT Lingotto factory's roof-top test track, Turin, Italy 1935

Arial view of Lingotto

Permanent stable cavity caused by underground nuclear test in '61

Chrysler 300 (Hemi) leads at Daytona Beach, 1955

Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, Santiago (1980s)

Dresden, 1945

I had the cassette tape recorder on the left (in blue)-
bought it with my first income ever, from mowing lawns!

Ball-n-chain, bracelet, and other Panasonic radios/recorders of early 70s

Dinosaurs transported on Hudson River barge to 1964 World’s Fair

Man wearing jetpack lands at start of Super Bowl I
at LA Memorial Coliseum, 1967.

Ted Cruz Harvard yearbook photo, 1993

Lincoln Parade car  built for President Truman (1950), but most associated with
successor Eisenhower (1952-60), who added the plastic 'bubble top'.

Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, LA 1964

Party at Belushi's, 1979

Santa Fe Super Chief arrives at Los Angeles, 1960s

Super-Chief departs Chicago, 1938

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