18 July 2014

Shameless Scumbag Vladimir Putin Blames Ukraine for What HIS Bone-Headed Thugs Did

If you look up 'shameless' in the dictionary, 
it's gotta have a picture of this guy right there...

As a passenger liner with almost 300 people was shot-down, the Kremlin can see that this is the death for the underhanded crap they've been pulling in Ukraine, as for outside opinion anyway, they're toast.

Vlad was trained how to lie, obfuscate, and deflect by the KGB, and he's usually pretty good at it. But this one really takes the cake:

"This would not have happened if there were peace on this land ... and, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility."

Oh really? Not the lowlife GBU Colonel and his Moscow mafia soldiers you armed with tanks and advanced AA weaponry? No responsibility there?

Why did he brag about it?

When he said 'don't fly in OUR sky', who was WE, Vlad?

Why did he say 'a bird fell', why would he say it that way, Vlad?

Why not "OMG, the Ukrainian government shot-down a passenger plane!!!"

THE KREMLIN started this war, THE KREMLIN is continuing this war, and THE KREMLIN's proxies shot down that airliner yesterday, while denying they had the weaponry to do so.

Maybe the world will learn the hate the Russians as I -and any sensible person in the West- does... with their current regime, you'd have to be an idiot to ever believe a single word they say.

And they MUST be resisted at every turn...

UPDATE: the rebels may have stolen BUK missiles from a Ukrainian base...

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