20 August 2014

Good Riddance, Medieval Moron

The upper photo had recently -incorrectly- been portrayed around the internet as a 'child bride' being forced to marry an ISIS warrior in Syria and/or sold as a slave, when in truth the girl was crying because she botched a poem the poor thing was called upon to recite at a (clearly frightening)
ISIS 'youth rally'....

But unlike most stories involving these 7th-century cretins, this one has a happy ending: the MC above that was terrorizing the little girl got just the killin' he needed when he met up with Kurdish militia group 'YPG'. (exhibit B) .

Alas, apparently they're learning from the Kremlin how to flood the internet with propaganda, as just today an Islamic State twitter troll crashed a conversation I was having with other conservatives, posting pix of chopped-off heads, etc. in attempt to spook us (we were have some fun with ISIS 'goat sex' memes at the time, the humor of which apparently lost on the jihadis):

And did you know that every single Islamist State animal the numerous Kurdish female militias kill is banned from Heaven, according to the Quran? They've been specifically deployed by the PKK (Kurds) for that purpose-
to the detriment of IS morale, reportedly.

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