26 August 2014

Humor of Latest Bulgarian Fad -Vandalism of
Soviet-Era Monuments- Lost on Kremlin

The Russians -well known for their great sense of humor (especially when you're making fun of them)- have loudly complained to the Bulgarian government for not-the-first-time re. the ongoing vandalism offensive against (offensive) USSR-era monuments glorifying the Soviet Red Army, the Bulgarian Red Army, and/or socialism in general that still dot the bleak
post- communist landscape of the EU's poorest country.

One gets the feeling they might have done a bit better by now economically if not for the damage wrought by 40 years of communist stagnation- they seem to think that too, as evidenced by the Bulgarians' disgust with Moscow's seemingly-indellible stamp upon the country, i.e. ugly, prefab cement-panel apartments and just-as-ugly 'socialist-realist' artwork all over the place.

This particular monument pictured above in Sofia, Bulgaria has been vandalized repeatedly as the Russians have howled in protest- once cleaned up, it's been hit again -with pink to protest the Bulgarian participation in the Soviet suppression of the Czech Prague Spring in '68- after being done up as superheroes once, then later hit with Ukrainian colors in support of Kiev's current battle with an (again) expansionist Russia.

But the Bulgarians display character and creativity in their recent fad, smacking-down of Russian/communist domination... a irrepressible human spirit still blooms there, apparently- I'd tell the Russia Embassy to deal with it- the people have spoken:

This one was in support of the jailed Russian band 'Pussy Riot'

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