18 August 2014

Life in the Gruesome Stalinist Hell
of North Korea (gallery)

Talk about lack of public beach access:
1500+ miles of DPRK coastline is lined with an
electric fence to deter potential defections by sea

Well-water bathtub in village home

Not a car in sight

Members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards shout anti-US slogans

Desperate soul harvests grass from public park- to eat as a salad

Shopping in supermarkets is a privilege reserved for
Communist Party elite and their families

North Korean roads often feature giant roadside blocks,
which can be slid onto the road in wartime.
They contain debris and shrapnel to inhibit the
mobility of tanks in case of a land invasion.

Terrified of being photographed,
North Korean citizens hide under boat to avoid cameraman

DPRK TV programming = monotonous cult chant

Interrogators kick the living crap out of woman who wouldn't talk...
or perhaps just for fun

35-year-old Mercedes patrol car

Road work sketchy outside the capitol Pyongyang

Typical dirt-poor Nork village

Industrial towns even more bleak

While urban Pyongyang residents live in soulless Soviet-style
concrete panel housing draped with shrill propaganda

Killer heels: legend has it Kim Jong Il hisself ordered female 
border guards to be dressed in these huge heels and 
brass-button-cuffed slacks so as to look taller/sexier

They still run steam trains over there

Riverbank laundry session

Black marketeers sell foreign cigarettes, etc.

Just trying to get home:
Massive lines form waiting for a seat on the country's
overtaxed and outdated public transport

Citizens in a park react with amazement to the sight of a (white) foreigner

Even Pyongyang receives only a few hours of electricity per day

They seem to run out of gas a lot too

Pyongyang traffic girl

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