05 August 2014

More Rare Historical Photos

ROCK n ROLL: Bill Haley and the Comets (w/ Laverne Baker)
live at 
Hershey, PA Sports Arena-  April 1956

Salisbury, Rhodesia (now the impoverished toilet of Harare, Zimbabwe), 1960s

 Jiri Wertheimer and Zdenek Volf w/ the plane in which they escaped 
communist Czechoslovakia. The craft landed safely in a potato field 
when they ran out of fuel 30 mins into West Germany in Dec '53.

Mick Jagger in his early teens at Dartford Grammar School for Boys - 1960

Alternative angle of iconic stand-off between a man (top left in photo)
and a column of 
Chinese Type 59 tanks (top right in photo)
on Tiananmen Square, June 5th 1989.
    Photo by Terril Jones.

Bridgette Bardot, 1960s

Man on the corner is reading a newspaper with headline: 
“Nazi Army Now 75 Miles Away from Paris”-  NYC, May 18, 1940

Aircraft await orders after being fully grounded on 9/11/2001 
Nova Scotia, Canada.   Photo: Halifax Airport

Teens listen to the latest 45 rpm hit singles at a record store, 1944

Dilapidated housing near Cincinnati, Ohio - 1938

Teenage girls in bathing suits/caps at Brandenburg, Germany, March 1928

Ozzy Osbourne in his native Birmingham, England - late 1960s

Porsche 911/912s still hand-built at Stuttgart, West Germany - 1970

Timeless weirdness...

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