29 August 2014

Putin/Cronies Operate Aggressive,
Criminal State-within-a-State
Void of Philosophy, Principle, or Shame

With the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine -just like Sarah Palin (and I) warned you about over five years ago- Vladimir Putin and his tight, sinister inner circle have betrayed themselves for what they really are- a (rogue)
state within a state. More specifically, the Putin regime is a criminal organization that enjoys the protection of the state in which it resides... 

Obsessively consumed by self interests and corrupt by nature, they can't stop what they have started... these are men who lie even when the truth would do them far better service. Alas, one major defeat, step-down, or admission of error could bring the whole thing crashing-down.

What they are doing in Ukraine right now -for only the vaguest of military/historical 'reasons'- has created a still-escalating cycle of violence, with resulting costs of lives lost/in disarray/loved ones gone forever.
Is anybody asking these vicious thugs in the Kremlin WHY?

This is the face of evil with no cause: yet today's self-absorbed West is slow to face reality, even slower to act. These ex-KGB types are masters of exploiting our weaknesses and good-faith mentality that doesn't apply to their mafia-esque maneuvering, incremental underground warfare, and serial deceit. They can see America's thorough war-weariness offers them an ideal window of opportunity for conquest. And they are KICKING ALL OUR ASSES.

The post-1992 multilateral world order is no more: the West won't even sufficiently support actual NATO plans, nor NATO members on the front line, i.e. Poland, never mind Ukraine. Our desperate eastern 'allies'
are now scampering to form their own local defensive alliances.

We live in momentous times, when history is now repeating itself -and we are again at a point in time like (Munich) 1938, when the aggressor who pines for lost 'greatness' and empire has lost ALL respect for his opponents- thus, all deterrence. And we all know how that one started and ended.

Stalin -who Putin still clearly adores-  was once seen as a god in the eyes of millions in the USSR, but as soon as the truth came to the surface, they realized what an evil monster Uncle Joe was-
actually worse than a Hitler.

The current Russian Hitler enjoys record popularity at home, yet has no philosophy to spread, other than the idea that all the poor idiots on Russian borders need the Ruskies to come in and blow-up their houses/install a Kremlin puppet- because they're SO lost without them. The Russians will likely keep taking territory for the next 2+ years... until they get beaten on the battlefield, Putin gets overthrown, or President Cruz gets sworn-in.

As for Obama, he's shown no concern whatsoever for all these old Christian white people being blown-up every day in Ukraine... a situation far more disturbing than the self-destructive Gazans he's so damn worried about. 

In fact, Dear Leader finds most all foreign policy an unwelcome diversion from his 8-year program of domestic socio-economic annihilation...
he quite literally couldn't care less.

I pray for the people of Ukraine... while we here will continue to beg Obama to send the Battered Bastards of the Donbas a couple planeloads of helmets and vests, even.

Perhaps wiser minds will prevail at the upcoming NATO summit.

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