25 August 2014

Seldom-Seen Historical Pics

Johnny Carson's final Tonight ShowMay 22, 1992

Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip, 1959

Modern-day view of Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France 
still shows scars of epic 1944 battle, German gun position center-left

Would you look at the room:
Economy Class on Pan Am 747 in the late 60's

Mother Theresa with Princess Diana

Then-undeveloped land surrounding Gaudi's
Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain c. 1915

Boeing 314 Clipper flying over San Francisco, 1940

Looks like a dumb piece of crap: 
Barack Hussein Obama (w/ spliff?) - 1977

Talk about pent-up demand: Opening day of the
first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia- Moscow, 1990

Propellers of Titanic, 1912

Welder at a boat-and-sub shipyard adjusts
her goggles before resuming work - 1943

German airship Graf Zeppelin over Egypt, 1931

Hotel Carlton, Cannes, France- 1958

Clint Eastwood- London, 1968

Natalie Wood, late 60s

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