28 August 2014

Strange Military/Police Uniforms of the World-

Italian Carabinieri in formal get-up

Swamp Man vs. the Evil Jooz: Iranian sniper unit

Cutest Uniform Award goes to this snazzy Chinese People's Army unit

WTF?   Muslim female police officers in London

Sappers of the French Foreign Legion parade
with beards, leather aprons, and axes

Elite Greek Evzones: changing-of-the-guard

Evzones: Presidential Guard unit

Females of police unit in Lhasa, Tibet sport funky hat and blue apron, 
complemented by automatic weapon

Presidential honor guard on Fiji

Who else but the Norks


K-9 troops in Lebanon in special protective gear 
(they can turn on ya...)

Indian soldiers @ Republic Day celebrations- Srinagar, Kashmir

More Indian parade troops

First post-Soviet Russian officers' uniform makeover (2010)
betrays nostalgia for the Czarist era... just like Putin's land-grabs

South Korean Royal Guard


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