18 September 2014

Chechens a Terrorist Superpower, are Running ISIS,
and Will Soon Deliver Retribution to Putin's Russia

Be it Boston, Ukraine, Afghanistan, or the Middle East
wherever there's some bloody mess
seems you find Chechens...

While I do believe we need to go kill all of the ISIS scum we can find
-probably meaning boots on the ground in Iraq/Syria (indirectly and unfortunately allying ourselves with Russian interests there)- and also think that these blood-drunk monsters are on their way to American soil, if not
here already- it's the Russians who really have something to worry about...

Revenge a dish best served cold: Although Chechnya seems to have been tamed by first Vladimir Putin -now maintained by his back-slapping buddy, the brutal, pro-Kremlin yahoo Ramzan Kadyrov (they collaborated with their own 'Novorussia' terrorists in the invasion of Ukraine as well)- the defeated Chechen Islamists that were driven into the hills and abroad are clearly playing a long-game, as they've gained connections, battlefield experience, and new strategies/weaponry they surely will bringing home to the Russian Federation (of which Chechnya is a part) before you know it.

Infamous 'red-eaded Chechen' of ISIS: Omar al-Shishani

And Chechen soldier-terrorists seem to be all-over the place: hardened by years of war with the Russian state, they are 'known as the best fighters' within ISIS, and enjoy great influence within ultra-radical Islamist forces in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, where they've clearly honed their Jihad skills:
ISIS, led by militants from former Soviet republics are preparing to attack in Russia’s Muslim regions, Moscow experts say. 
Up to 80% of ISIS groups in Syria are former residents of Russia’s North Caucasus and Middle Volga republics.
Many of the leaders of the radical ISIS come from Muslim regions of the Russian Federation, and they plan to launch attacks in its regions, coming in via Afghanistan and Central Asia rather than the more direct but more difficult route across Turkey and Iran...
According to the Kurdistan-24 news agency, “up to 80% of ISIS groups in Syria are former residents of the North Caucasus and the republics of the Middle Volga.” The remaining 20 percent, it says, “are former citizens of the Soviet republics of Central Asia. These people speak Russian more often than Arabic among themselves”...
He points with alarm to the recent “loss” in Kazakhstan of a 50 kilogram container of Cesium 137, something officials have tried to minimize but in fact likely is the work of terrorists, including those with links to ISIS.
As a result, the commentator says, ISIS is approaching Russia’s borders and with nuclear bomb-making materials...

Vladimir Putin faced an impoverished rebel force in Grozny when his scorched-earth strategy scraped Chechnya mostly clean of Islamist forces in the Second Chechen War, then worked with defectors to form a pro-Moscow regime in what remained of the capitol.

And while he's pumped some money their way, helping Kadyrov to rebuild at least central Grozny in a hurry, the grubby, underfed, and outgunned Chechen Islamist forces that lost last time will be returning as ISIS battlefield vets, from the world's richest terrorist group.

Perhaps soon Putin will have his (bloody) hands full in the restive Caucasus, thrown back on his heels by ISIS militants while fighting (nuclear?) terrorism in Moscow... doesn't leave much time for them to screw with Ukraine, does it-

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