26 September 2014

Hey Karl Rove/Gee-Oh-Pee Establishment/
Associated Media Hacks: BACK OFF Ted Cruz, NOW

We know how you slime operate, yet constitutionally-principled conservatives are only rallied to the cause when your evil monkeys toss false canards at
Ted Cruz, attempting to Palinize him... and so very early, how telling.

Hey Reince-wash-repeat Preibus, there's a reason I don't answer your sad-sounding emails (ever), with titles like 'Hope You Can Join Us for Lunch!', 'What's Your T-Shirt Size?', OR my personal favorite
"..., did you abandon the RNC?'- 

Something like that-- we'll just forget you've been trying to kill us,
no hard feelings, I guess- lol.

Of course, I almost never even open their relentless spam, and have sent nary a bent penny in years: after so many broken promises to conservatives in the past, the Republican establishment's word is just hollow noise to us.

So don't even bother to try and make up with the Tea Party, just to ensure that you win the Senate... while at the same time sending David Brooks or
Jennifer Rubin out to attack Ted Cruz in some factually-challenged
BS column

We don't listen to what you say, same as with Obama- we watch what you do. And what the GOP establishment is doing to Ted Cruz is wrong- 
not one speck better than we get from the MSM left, same level of vitriol,
and even more cynical.

Lack of representation on the right in Europe gave rise to the surging National Front in France, the ascent of Geert Wilders, and the political earthquake that is UKIP- and if the Republican establishment thinks they're just going to
'get rid of' the Tea Party (41% of the GOP) -and that's going to be it- they need to realize that any such 'Final Solution' strategy will only give rise to 3rd party movements... who will promptly come gunning for them.

The only actual presidential-quality conservatives in the GOP today are basically Cruz, Mike Lee, not sure about Rubio (immigration),
maybe Troy Gowdy -Rand Paul I guess- except for the libertarian Kentucky senator is way wrong on immigration- and has always been so 'out there' on foreign policy that his quasi-isolationism now looks more-than-a-little naive in 2014's insane, chaotic world.

Of any conceivable 2016 presidential candidate, only Ted Cruz seems like he could be the next Ronald Reagan to me... and that's all I've been searching for since starting this blog the day after Obama was elected, back in November 2008.

With Cruz, it's not just the platform/principles -which are all-but-identical to what we got from the blessedly successful Reagan era- it's the genuine sincerity, the stellar communication skills, charm/'happy warrior' demeanor... the Gipper would have loved Ted Cruz like a son (although anything would have been an improvement on Ron Jr).

So how should convinced Cruz supporters be expected to respond to Republican Party establishment attacks on the guy? You're not scaring anybody off, let's put it that way- rather, only hastening your own demise, as we're not up for the kind of accommodation that had us losing alongside Rove, et. al. last time. Conservatives are at the point where they'd rather defend Cruz and come after the (failed) establishment-
let the chips fall where they may.

Ted Cruz isn't perfect, nobody is... but he's real, real good, and I for one will be fighting for him right to the Cleveland convention floor.

Last time I swore I would never allow the RNC to shove a crap candidate like Mitt Romney down my throat again. And although conservatives who stayed-home in disgust may have cost us the election in 2012 -while I pinched my nose and voted for Romney- I have to say it is hard to blame them, as I'm not sure I can force myself to go down there and pull the lever for a Jeb, Christie, or -God forbid- another Mittens run this time... just don't think I can do it. 

The GOP establishment not only consists of serial losers, but has made it abundantly clear through hostile words and actions that they are my -and every conservative's- true political enemy, and indeed an enemy of anybody actually hoping to save this country from the serious damage and deep scars of Obammunism... whores for the US Chamber of Commerce like Karl Rove, John Boehner, Musty Mitch, and everybody down there 'reaching out'
(in the direction of my wallet) at the RNC are not only not up to the task- they're not even interested.

America has lurched so radically to the left, sunken so far, and stagnated so deeply under the current vile, lawless regime, no Obama-Lite is gonna fix it.

We need to get the country up off it's ass and back to work, allow common sense to reign again, restore the power of the Constitution, let loose the entrepreneur, and issue a warning smack upside-the-head to our enemies.

We need another Ronald Reagan- that's exactly what we need.

This party must be conquered by the Reaganite/Tea Party wing
-headed by Ted Cruz, preferably-
and all dem other guys gotta go.

There's little more to it than that.

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