19 September 2014

In the Name of Fairness/Balance,
Some Benefits of Converting to Islam...

Never a dull moment!

You don't have to shave, and can even wear a
tie-dye acorn hat if you for some reason feel the urge

3 WORDS:  virgins!  virgins!  virgins!

That true feeling of belonging you've always wanted

Upstanding American Muslim role-models to show you the way

With Islam, you can let-off some steam

Your daughter will love the HOT pop scene!

When you get divorced and change wives, you don't even have
to bother with changing the photo on your desk @ work

Everybody knows the food is delicious

Above all, Muslims like to have a good time...

-and they have a lovely sense of humor!

Of course (once you convert), you'll 
always have the US president on your side...

Benefits of Converting to Islam

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