10 September 2014

Obama Could Learn a Thing or Two about Backbone & Moral Clarity from 'Russian Mothers' Anti-War Group

'Mothers, what are your sons dying for?'

A new Russian anti-war movement has just recently come to life, as the reality of what the Kremlin was actually up to in Ukraine has become glaringly apparent, even to blindered Muscovites...

And the Committee of Russian Mothers' grasp of the situation far outclasses anything we've seen from the feckless West, who can't even bring themselves to admit the Russians are to blame for MH17, let alone stand-up to neo-Soviet expansionism.

The emerging Russian anti-war movement issued a statement over the weekend labeling Putin’s now-obvious aggression against Ukraine a blatant violation of the Russian Constitution and international law.

Furthermore, Russian forces in Ukraine are absorbing 'enormous losses that the government takes pains to cover up'

They warn Russian women that their husbands and sons may be 'in grave danger' fighting a war 'to punish the people of Ukraine for their rebellion against the thief Yanukovych'. 

This 'fratricidal' war against the freedom-seeking people of Ukraine is not being fought for any patriotic/moral principle -as they are told by government-controlled media- but for the right of Vladimir Putin and allied crony-mobsters to retain obscene wealth and unchecked power/privilege:

This bloody war is not being waged for the 'Russian world,' as the Kremlin propagandists try to convince us — it is being waged to punish the people of Ukraine that rose up against Yanukovych the thief and deprived him of his palace in Mezhyhiria and notorious 'golden toilet.'

This war is being waged for the right of Vladimir Putin, and also the 200 richest families of officials and oligarchs that seized 90% of Russia’s national wealth, to eternally own billions, palaces, and yachts on the Cote d’Azur and near Gelendzhik at the cost of ruining and impoverishing the people and degrading the country...

Since the Kremlin is still attempting to cover-up their level of involvement in Ukraine, Russian women are reminded their husbands and sons could be KIA and 'dumped in a mass grave or abandoned coal mine' or even disposed-of via a 'mobile field crematorium'.


And while many would like to see Mr Putin on trial in The Hague for MH17 and ongoing war crimes in Ukraine, the Russian anti-war movement takes it down to a more regular level: since no war has been declared in Ukraine, it IS NOT illegal for any ordinary Russian to refuse service there... but it IS illegal according to Russian law to fight without insignia on foreign soil, making those who do obey orders to do battle in Ukraine -in fact- criminals.

As far as international law goes, the Mothers note that combat troops in unmarked uniforms are considered mercenaries, and once captured as POWs, not afforded any protection by the Geneva Convention...
so expect the worst.

The group says the war 'will lead to the disintegration of (Russia)', and suggests Russian women take the issue into their own hands -as many did in the Chechnyan war: if a son or husband calls home saying he won't be able to phone 'for a month', it's a sure sign he's headed to the war zone in eastern Ukraine. 

They are then encouraged to seek out the location of the unit and go get in the commander's face, protest at the gates of the base, whatever it takes to make a scene and free their sons from the Kremlin kleptocracy's immoral, illegal meat-grinder in the Donbas.