29 September 2014

State Democrats Facing 2014 Obliteration
in Vital National Swing State Ohio

Does anybody get the feeling the Dems are increasingly 
desperate to find new talent that doesn't implode

Mr FitzGerald with fine Irish lassie he was found
parked-with at 4:30 in the morning

Weak bench if you ask me... and telling

There's plenty of similarities between the way they promoted a poorly-vetted Wendy Davis in Texas -and now gubernatorial candidate (and political goober)
Ed FitzGerald in Ohio-  only to collapse in a utterly failed effort. The Buckeye state Dems blame a firm they hired to vet him, so typical of leftists to point the finger when they screw something up.

Both of these Democratic Party 'rising stars' didn't fly, despite the hype- and all but guaranteeing the Republicans will not only retain the state executive branch, but deliver a substantial coat-tail effect to GOPers all the way down the ticket- can't hurt at all for 2016, mind you.

The FitzGerald case might even be more disastrous/damaging than
Abortion Barbie's spinout, coming in Ohio which (statistically) tends to 'decide' national elections.

Furthermore, Kasich was far more vulnerable than the GOP in Texas, but that opportunity was completely blown when police reports (2010) surfaced that had found the former FBI agent and Cuyahoga County Executive (Cleveland area) in a car with an attractive woman who was not his wife at 4:30am in a Clevo suburb parking lot. Neighbors had called the police when they saw the car with 'something moving back-and-forth... something fishy'... the gal was from a visiting Irish delegation with whom FitzGerald had spent the evening.

But even for those willing to suspend disbelief and still give FitzGerald the benefit-of-the-doubt on that episode, it then was discovered that he hadn't had a driver's license in over a decade, yet had in fact been driving all over the place- including throughout his two-year stint as Cuyahoga County Executive, and apparently on nights-out partying, too.

Understandably, Kasich has opened up a 30-point-lead... I'd be more excited about it if he wasn't one of the GOP gubs that refused to stand like a conservative and caved on Obamacare. Perhaps actual Reaganite leadership from the White House in 2017 would help to get his mind right on that.

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